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  1. Many difficult cases like cancer, osteoarthritis, Diabetis,CVA, Brain tumours etc are cured by homoeopathy where allopathy gives no hope.Cases with full details of indications, remedy selection, potency, frequency and follow up should be published so that the homoeopathic professionals can enrich themseves with such experince and verify in practice. This is the need of the day to strenthen Homoeopathy.Narrative articles are available and some selectet few may be pulished regularly. But Practical Homoeopathy should be major items of every issue.

  2. Desease on intestinal , stomch. Especially regarding gastro Oesophagal Reflux Diesease (GORD/GERD. Also treatment or medical for treatment of the deasease.

  3. As i’ve said on a few ocassions earlier, more clinical cases of different abberations in the vital force (which are called “sicknesses”), especially by the classical homoeopathic greats will be much useful and appreciated.
    Thanks and best wishes always!

  4. I want to see miracles results in incurable cases ,where allopathy can not do anything .Detail of case wit indicated medicines with all measurements.so that every homoeopath feel proud of his system.

  5. I like articals and power points very much I enjoied tried and getting very good results. but many times I could not open links. I have made complapents of the same but no response.
    sadanand dixit

  6. I would like to see the articles about cured cases with particular emphasis on Autoimmune disorders i.e Systemic Lupus Erythmatosis. Moreover the current research about the mechanism HOW HOMEOPATHY WORKS?

  7. Now a days when the assaults on the Homoeopathic System of Medicine are increasing, and most of these are orchestrated at the behest of the Pharmaceutical Companies, due to the economical reasons, it is important that the contents of our articles should be more and more evidence based. They must contain not only the medicines prescribed, but how & why they were prescribed. This would definitely filter out the cases, and the authors would be able to justify the logic confirming their following of the fundamentals of Homooeopathy.

  8. I would like to read articles on: Case studies,disease specific articles,a doctor’s personal technique of arriving at an indicated remedy in a case, how an individual doctor chooses a potency,favorite remedy or remedies of a doctor.Discussions on discussion forums should be encouraged bringing in variety of topics et al.

  9. dear sirs
    plz bring the articles on new names of disease and there relvent research
    cause and the test needed to confrim that disease … as most of cases come to us with new name labels on it and some time it hard to repretize the the sypmtoms … like … in our country mild thelesemia name give to animea … so let have the article … what is difference between thelesemia and animia .. how we differciate and which homeopatic remedies will effect on it … article like these will be more effective benefical and readable … it will greatly inhance your readership … and we all be greatly thankful … in pakistan we are not supported in any way… other wise i would like to bring up my own practice and research methods for treating the impossible cases like building up soft bone in lumber and knee … or taking out open heart surgery client from 20 tablets to few homeopathic remedies .. etc
    hope to have articles opn new disease name and homeopathic equivelent name and what and how our remedies works better
    Dr. Prof. Shaikh G. Sadiq (M.d., Ph.D)

  10. I like the current balance. Reading articles is far more preferable to me than multimedia presentations which often seem more massage than message. Another forum’s current audio presentation demonstrates the potential but also the pitfalls of audio. Many have already mentioned the cases where conventional industrial medicine can do nothing but where homoeopathy steps in and transforms lives. These are always gratifying, all the more so when the result follows the elegant simplicity of a classical approach.

  11. articles power points, and interviews in the sequence. July issue yet i ‘ve to go thro, i’ll reply soon.

  12. i have a thyroid nodule , the homeopathy dr said i am hypo
    i will like to know when i taken homeopathy medician
    what kind of fruit,food , drinks and other can eat or
    not always eat or can not eat & drinks at all.

  13. Would like to see article that depict handling of cases through experience of the doctor. Even a simple cold is handled by doctors with various weapons of medicines. How this is cured within a day is needed to be explained in articles. This is just an example.The cure with one single medicine and one selectefd medine in shortest possible time is actual experience and this is needed. The articles of Indian doctors are preferred for a better understanding in teh atmosphere and environments we are living in. We are dealing with Indians and hence ‘Indian’ experience is what is needed.

  14. The articles with name of disease and specially cronic and gentice topics as well as treatment with homeo medicines. What about the current reserach of homeo pathic in diabatic, heart, and new bornbaby along with interviews and power point presentations.I am agree with you for promation Homeopathy. I appereashet for you working.

  15. I would like to read about the research articles and clinical trial results in homeopathy.at least we dont need to spend time and money on animals and safety.so the research can be fast in giving results.Recent Nobel prize winners declaration that water has memory to transfer is a shot in the It shouid serve an eye opener to all those who criticise homeopathy that it is un scientific.

  16. Last edition of hpathy.com excellent articles as usual.Any ideas on treatment of cholesterol in the heart area of the body.Trying cholesterinum 200 daily.
    Please comment.

  17. I was searching for the platform from where I can get correct information about Homeopathy. I found the platform. It is Hpathy.com. Now I became able to share my problem/sorrows with many intelligent and sincere peoples around all over the world who can advise/inform me about the truth of Homeopathy treatment.

    I am giving homeopathy treatment to my son, Muhammad Misbah. He is tonsel major problem, age 07 years. In winter I and my wife can not see his pain. He can not sleep in the night. Approx 03 months we are giving Homeopathy treatment to him. But we are not sure about the 100% cure about Homeophatic treatment. In Elopathy the final cure is Operation. Since the function of Tonsile is so important which stop us to go to the operation line.
    We are anxious about the complete treatment of this dieses. Because this is coutinuosly disturbing our son’s study. He is in 3rd Class. He is week in his study. He is very clear but he can not pay full attention to his subjects during study. Sorry I have written a lot. Thanks

  18. I love reading the tips sent in by your readers.

    I would like to see articles to improve our interpretation of Rubrics so that we can translate the patients expressions comprehensively. I have gained some understanding of such by reading the work done by Dr. Sehgal. My heartfelt thanks for every issue you send me.

  19. I would like article type cures on anyone who has been cured of cancer. Also articles on anyone cured of scoliosis, oh cured by homeopathy of course.

  20. Homepathic healing system is the best system in almost all diseases, however, for chronic diseases in particular, where allopathic treatments are proved to give temporary relief. Articles on such chronic diseases & homeopathic treatment may be considered for publishing.

  21. Keep upgrading the MAGAZINE. The agri homepathy is the most I like. I looking for a homeopathic tonic for plants in the pots

  22. There are many like me, who are not qualified homeopaths but avid admirers of this site and would like to see articles relating to common and day to day health problems and homeopathic remedies for them . Thanks.

  23. I like the articles published.It gives lot of insight about the principles, treatment etc

  24. Your articles are good; the audio lectures are as well. I do not think that powerpoint is very helpful, but videos can be, however they may not be accessible by persons without a broadband connection.

    I would like to see more free courses available for persons studying homeopathy.

    Kathleen Eickwort, PhD

  25. i personally like to reed about dental treatment.hpathy is a right platform to inhance the knowledge of homeopathy.i like to read articals and powerpoint presentations

  26. Personally I would prefer practical, clinical cases with reasoning/explanation as to the selection of that particular medicine and its potency. In view of the unnecessary bombardment from the school of conventional medicine, it is important to highlight such cases, with evidence, that allopath has failed to cure. There have been brilliant cures of cancer, tumors, arthritis, etc. that have eluded the allopath but cured by homeopaths. I believe the articles that you publish on the basic fundamentals of homeopathy are equally important.

  27. I’d like to see more articles and case’s management,also articles related to dental clinic.

  28. i whould like 2 read articles about hepatitis c and chronic diseases..

  29. More on the Classical Homeopathy then specifics.
    Would like to read more on Homeopathy as a wholisitic approach, after all this is true Hahnemannian approach!

  30. Translation: From all over the human mind would need more education for their health, because in most cases not protrgem diseases, eating and drinking all, and little or nothing to do exercises.
    Also heard from both diseases of the sun, will ultimately not be exposed to the sun because the sun is a source of health provided it is done in moderation as everything in life

  31. I wish to read more articles. Some times videos/photographs particularly in the skin expressions and their description and how those conditions are referred to in our literature – repertories/mms. etc. What made Dr.Luc to come to Homoeopathy makes Homoeopathy great. We too come across such things where the conventional physicians say ‘nothing wrong with you. You are alright’ whereas the patient has pains/discomforts unexplained/untreatable in conventional system. Above all this I must say before I close, YOU ARE DOIING A GREAT, GREAT, GREAT JOB! I have no words to express my gratitude. True.

    J. Subrahmanyam

  32. mostly clinical based cases and articles that will help in routine practice.
    thank you,

    dr trupti.

  33. Outreach Attempts: Please publicize the availability of any homeopathic strategies to address cor exit and oil fume exposure to Gulf & Valdez clean-up workers/residents & Nigerian, Ecuadorian population via http://www.grittv.org and http://www.democracynow.org. , http://www.thedotconnector.org http://www.spillfighters.com etc.

    Rep Pollis, CO, 3 other Congressional Reps actively addressing situation

    Potential funding/research help: Lindsey Wagner, Sean Penn,
    Andrew Lange, ND, CHom, Boulder, Colorado.

    How can I help? (Unfortunately, no available funds, up til now.)

    Thank you for all you do, Gail
    PS These are perfunctory ideas. Also, seeking C Homeopathic Scholarship leads,
    decade plus of personal in-depth homeo study. Also welcome suitable job.
    Also Eco-remedies for sea/bird life. Also, ebay millionaire, Ginsberg,
    DEVELOPED WAY OF astounding internet propagation via “Speedlings” –
    recmd request help from him.

  34. I enjoy the whole ezine as it comes. Also, I´m vey happy to read about new schools of Homeopathy, and new approaches.
    Thanks for your efforts to better the publication.

    Roberto Camacho

  35. I too would love to read cases – especially taken with different case-taking methodologies.
    Also, I greatly enjoy your profiles of homeopaths around the world, their clinics, approaches, practices…very enlightening and inspiring! Any articles/profiles/interviews that help aspiring homeopaths start to find their paths in the world of homeopathic practice..by learning from the masters!

    Powerpoint seems cumbersome. But audio lectures are very helpful.
    Thank you so much.

  36. Dear Sir
    Thank you for inquiry. I would like to have tricks and tips experienced from practice also philosophical articles from Homeo-Gurus. In-depth analysis of Organon would be very helpful.
    I admire your work to expand Homeopathy and its idea. Thanks any way.

    Ahmad Obaidus Sattar Bhuiya
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Physics
    Bhawal Badre Alam Government College.
    Gajipur, Bangladesh.
    +8801711050718, +8801198184861

  37. I ike the articles on casemanagement. On tips and tricks. Elaine always has good articles and good suggestions with some neat little tricks here and there. Miasms, constitutional remedies and their application. I don’t like the history about an institution, college, a person, etc. Better the homeopathy and how to use it and when. Thank You for your interest and good job.

  38. This site is wonderful. I am sure anything you do will make it even better. Great work, thanks.

  39. Why to classify which is good? all the articles published are out of experience and is difficult to name some.Suggest you to educate the common user of Homeopathic medicines on “Drug Proving s”? some times drug aggravation appears to be decease aggravation? How to understand the drug proving s? The present case histories are all bases on Depression,and work related deceases. Please educate the users about the latest investigations and deceases related to lifestyle.
    Thank you
    P V L N RAO

  40. Respected Dr.Bhatia,
    I am regularly attending Dr.Sankaran’s new learning programme named WEDNESDAY WITH RAJAN SANKARAN”.
    THIS EXPERIENCE LIKE A VIRTUAL CLASSROOM IN WHICH MANY STUDENTS OF HOMOEOPATHY CAN LEARN TOGETHER. Not limiting the video lecture series to Dr.Sankaran, one can arrange lectures of different masters of our science every week. By this way, many students will get opportunity to learn directly from them at their door step- a kind of distance learning programme. HPATHY can start such big programme for homoeopathy & homoeopaths ( present & future).

    I hope you all will agree with me to come to one common platform i.e. homoeopathy & only homoeopathy beyound any methods!
    Thanks & regards,

  41. i enjoy all the articles.i am a GP doctor and i use for my pacients tips from yours articles published . i try to use also meristemotherapy with homeopathy and solved cases of my pacients . thank for the information.

  42. Dear sir,
    I would like to get
    1. Peculiar or abnormal type symptoms
    2. More tips & secrets, as you already does

  43. Dear sir,
    I would like to have more articles on the new aspects of a medicine which remained undiscovered so far.Articles on signs or picture of a medicine would be wonderful. Tips for addressing different chronic diseases will be beneficial.

    [email protected]

  44. Dear Dr. Bhatia,

    The best way is the visual Audio Video, but unfortunately, it will not be possible to any organization to maintain continuity of Audio Video. The interview across the various countries reflects the positive side and constructive contribution of Homeopathy as well as latest Progress regarding various ailments.

    Thanking you,

    Dr. Aziz Khan Tank,
    Secretary General,
    College of Family Medicine Pakistan

  45. The current get up of hpathy appears an abridged vertion of earlier avatar. More articles on seanonal diseases and their theuraputics will be more appriciated.

  46. Can we have more details of traditional Indian medicines in Homepathic form. Very scanty literature is available on such medines. Is there no further research on such medicines? Kindly explore and if possible publish such details.

  47. I like your format as you have been presenting it. I find that I always go to “Tips and Secrets” first. I get a lot from that information. The next thing I read is the articles. All in all, you have really done a great job.
    Thank you for this website.


  49. I am always amazed by the thought and effort put forth in every article. You’re all great.

  50. Articals area usefull to all practitioners as well the others to understand the real issue, video demonstration can enhance the same to a great extent.
    interviews may not be so good but may be boring, at least an artical to be made available on a choronic & acute disease regularly for viewers to learn about the health

  51. lets start on skin
    frist of all a very nasty fungus. toe nail fungus
    lets discuss it , search remmedy for it, and if any one has experienced this he must give his detail briefing plsssss

  52. If there is interest I could offer workhypotheses for homeopathy that I am using since 10 years.

    1.45% of the planets female population has (partly) trauma of sexual abuse during childhood. And its implications for treatment.

    2.A large list of diseases ranging from alergies to diabetes has a genetic cause and the implications for treatment. See Hahnemann’s theory about psora.

  53. Love articles.. they seem to explain things more clearer to me… Always find extras that I can post in my ledger..
    I do appreciate your postings to me.

  54. Respected Hpathy team you are absolutely hard working growup to Homeopathy world wide I like it. May I think audio and video source make a good knowledge today. But I like Articales. and your presented “Tips and Secrets” section is my favourate.

  55. Indeed it is great pleasure to write you.My area of interest is infants and childern.I would love to know more and more on childern ailments and their homeopathic treatment.good luck,

  56. Respected sir,
    could we see the articles & videos on explanation of medicines & organone by
    our renowned masters like vithoulkas,jonathen shore & many others.

  57. Dear Sir,

    Audio visual presentation of case interview can help to see the actual expressions of patients and their physical characters to co relate remedial portrait


  58. Hello, I would like to read the ESSENCE of each homeopathic remedy type.It will be ok if they are in group-type also.It is very nice of you that you are inviting readers & giving them chance to communicate. Thanks.

  59. I would like to get case studies and powerpoint presentations regarding typical diseases and their cures.

  60. Dear sir,
    I would like to have more articles on the new aspects of medicines and case studies,AND THANKS TO ALL MASTERS WITH LOVE AND EFFECTION

  61. Thank you very much for judging the requirements of the practitioners whether they like article, p point etc. It is worthy if we know the article which described in details the subject matter but the others not. Now a days we prefer p point video etc due shortening the time and expression. But article is the only way to learn more. Besides we can share our ideas with a no. of practitioners in diff issues. thanks Rahman Jorepukur Gazipur Bangladesh.

  62. dear sir,
    majority people suffer from seasonal diseases,especially the poor segment,andpeople cannot afford costly treatment of allopathy.such articles before start of a seasson will be very helpful.in addition to that articules on old age diseases like prostrate and menopause problems etc and childern problems in general will be very aiding and useful.

  63. hallo sir, i am third year student of homoeopathy. i like ur articles. as i live in pune. here intensity of swine flue is so much increases so i would like to read ur articles about swineflue and also its preventive remedies and its dose. thank you sir

  64. I have been very happy with the content of Hpathy and would be pleased to see it continue as is. Thanks to all the contributors and their hard work> I hope to relocate very soon to Queensland and may even be “off the air” as the area is relatively isolated and broadband possibly not even available but here’s hoping
    Thanks again
    Best wishes!
    and long live Homeopathy
    Johanna Arnold-Stevens

  65. First of all i would like to appreciate the team of Hpathy, who doing an innovative job.Secondly i just want to say “carry on the mission”.
    Dr.Muhammad Afzal sandhu

  66. helloo sir..
    i m a p.g. final student at anand homoeopathic college. i m working on utility of dreams in homoeopathic practice esp. on psycological ground… as my dessertation..
    i m facing lot of difficluty in gaining this work..
    if you can help me send some literatures on this topic..
    thank you…

  67. Hi,
    I would like to see the same continue along with a combination of Articles, PDF Files, Presentations and Videos. Learning and the practice of medicine is a continuous process, so what so ever is available is definitely welcome, and there is no better communication than sharing, as the goal is always the same: Healing process for the suffering clients.

    Thanks for all that you have already done, and keep up the good work.

    Dr.Sukhdev G. Punjabi, M.D.(A.M.)

  68. more articles and interviews please. I don’t have time to see the whole of any issue but love what I see. I have passed on your website to many others including the graduataes and students at Belfast School of Homeopathy. Keep up the brilliant work. It is all the more importanat as written magazines are getting scaarcer. We are up against so much negativity about homeopathy that your work is all lthe more important and very helpful. Sincerely, Noelle Ryan.

  69. Contributions on more clinical cases would be more helpful for greenhorns in homoeopathic practice.Thanks for your valued work.

  70. I am thanking this site for promoting knowldge and many experience from different doctors of Homopaths. Its very usfull for all of us. Keep it up and good luck.

  71. i want an article on mental porblem OBSSESSIVE COMPULSION DISORDER (OCD),ITS CAUSE, AND TREATMENT.


  72. i m n ardent fan of h’pathy.i would like to see real cases about skin,allergy and mental problems.

  73. As a hobbyist and practitioner of homeopathy i feel that knowledgable articles add to your experience and satisfy your hunger to know about others experience which we seldom get a chance to share.
    Suggestion——–Start a type of online competition for enthusiasts to suggest cures for different ailments.I offer myself for this job which will make homeopathy more accesible and usefull.

  74. I’d like to see more articles on pet care and I’d like to see treatments for different things, like peripheral neuropathy for instance, and more careful descriptions so that the reader can more easily differntiate between similar remedies.

  75. Dear Sir,
    I would like to invite the viewers/prectitioners to share their experiences,about the effects of the medicines on the pathological findings e.g. Cal.Sulph.is very effecive inthe cases having more puscells in urine,similarly what for high wbc counts or high s-creatin level?
    However,our main approach shold be The ttality of symptoms.I feel by corelating the pathological findinga along with the symptomology, the similinum will be more correct.

  76. I would like to see more corelated topics on chronic disease like severe sinusitis, nephrotic syndrome, memory/concentration loss due to long sickness and health build medicine and something more.

  77. why approx. 50% of the total homeopathic doctor don`t take patient into cofidence. that is the reason patient goes off from the doctor. I see only few patient at H,pathy door.

    There should be few topics on how a confidence can be build in patient that they are at right door.

  78. H.Pathy,can cure the patient both mentaly & physicaly without any hazards & also without any side effects, many people are concious about that ready popular proverb, But most patients are unconcious about the systematic & pathycal difference between modern medicine(allopathy) and homoeopathy line of treatment. I think a patient should know the differences,more patient will know,more they will concious,& as such more they will belive & will reach the destination of cure.
    So, there should be some comparative /statements/topics about the same with the curative/noncurativ facts.

    • Yes. I agree with you Chatterjee. The Patients should know our system properly and we have to explain about the secondary action of the remedies as well as Hering law of cure.

  79. Hi,
    Take salam and happy Ramadan.
    I would like to see more clinical case history and articles.
    Prof Dr S S Rahman, Dubai, UAE.

    • Dear Dr.Rahman
      Don’t rely upon clinical method. It may lead to pathological treatment and invites failure.

  80. I would love to see more on animals. I’ve been trying for years to figure out how to deal with fat lumps in dogs. I do not believe they are benign in the sense that their body has to be out of sync to produce them? Digestion of Fats? And some lead to surgery.

    • Dear Dr.Sampat
      Don’t follow the allopathic style in homeopathy. Then, you may ask your patients to produce the clinical finding & treat the diseases instead of totality of symptoms.

  81. All homeopaths are submitting their successful cases only. But, they may have crossed over many failures due to hasty selection of remedy,wrong potency/repetion etc. Actually, We have not give much impotance to the failure.But such cases are to be reviewed by the each homoeopath and re-examined throughly . So, the article on second prescription may be included in future.

  82. 1.Case study.2.Drug name as per case study.3.Potency will expressed.4.Procedure of drug application. Dear Sir,I think only HPATHY can give the true and actual meaning of Homoeopathy. Most of people have an idea that CANCER has no ANSWER not only that they think only Allopathy has solution of cancer.But I boldly say that it is wrong. HPATHY and it is sure that HPATHY can give the permanent solution of CANCER.More over only HPATHY has ANSWER of CANCER.So my honorable Sir I hope that HPATHY will publish more fruitful article later.

  83. I would like to see clincals-both successful and otherwise, cured and relieved with repertorisations. Also list of cases which homeopathy has not been found to cure to enable readers to seek another medical alternative instead of wasting time for such diseases. Also some hints to cure acute cases also be mentioned so that the patients should avoid allopathy such as fever, cold, cough, headache, sleeplesness etc. etc.

  84. I would like to see more Agrohomoeopathy and shall start sending scientific reports to the editor. I have about 100 papers, by scientists from all over the world. The present attacks from the skeptics would soon be silenced by the overwhelming evidence we can present. The Placebo-effect is non-existent in homoeopathic verum on plants, as can be extensively shown. The monthly column is a success, because it is practical application of its principles and shows encouraging results.

    Now is the time to come with irrefutable evidence that plants get cured of diseases and pest attacks by the use of homoeopathic remedies in a manner that is both wholesome and complete. By this type of scientific studies we can show the world what homoeopathy can do.

    I would also like to advertise the free blogtalkradio-show Debby and I conduct every wednesday at 12 noon US EST. Is there any cost attached to that?

    Warm regards for the team.

  85. articles/case discussion by practicing doctors may please be added in PDF form
    magzine is going very well, praying for success.

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